Connected Vehicle 5G Test Track

Testing connected and self-driving vehicles in real traffic conditions

In order to bring a competitive product to the market, connected vehicles must be able to interact with each other in real-life conditions. That’s why our open source 5G-ready test track is urban traffic, not in a lab.

How does it work?

Connected vehicle technology is ready for start-ups and partners to use in their projects.

Open source test track is ready for initial connected vehicle testing.

Cutting-edge technology, flexible legislation and strong partners provide an ideal ecosystem.

Tests of connected vehicles on both public and closed roads.

Real-life situations for testing how your products interact with other products.

  • Use advanced technologies – 5G network + connected vehicle + mobile edge computing
  • Ready for an immediate start – a fully arranged technological and legislative environment
  • Advanced network technologies and powerful partners (Nokia, Microsoft)
  • Tell us what you need – we are small and flexible, ready to adapt to your needs
  • Possible integration with machine learning traffic lights and parking spaces

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Arturs Lindenbergs




Elina Lidere