GDPR-ready Location Data Models

A unique research tool for real-time data flow mapping

A GDPR-ready research tool for real-time data flow mapping. Recording activity on mobile networks – calls, text messages and data sessions – allows generating big data with a unique approach. Gain valuable insights for more efficient decision-making and infrastructure planning.

How does it work?

Mobile network stations throughout the country record mobile events. 

Information on number of calls, SMS and data sessions is collected in compliance with GDPR. 

Information on number of events and location is recorded every 15 min. 

The collected data is analyzed by applying an advanced mathematical model developed in partnership with scientists.

As a result, reliable location-specific real-time statistics and observations are available to decision makers. 

  • Telecoms can now make more use of their mobile network data.
  • Generate value for your clients for better-informed business decisions and infrastructure planning.
  • Tool for generating flow maps for effective cross analysis with your client business data.
  • Tested and scientifically sound mathematical model.
  • Fully GDPR-compliant – not based on CDRs.
  • GDPR-ready

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