Industrial Drone Management

Development of drone traffic and airspace control solutions

We are looking for new partnerships to further develop our pilot projects in UAV traffic management – UAV detection, remote ID identification, control and takeover. Experiments with adapting various telecommunication infrastructures to the needs of air traffic management are very welcome.

How does it work?

Drone is designed to carry up to 300 g of medical samples between hospital buildings for as far as 300 m

Safety cover protects the contents of the drone as well as its surroundings

Delivery process is fully automated and includes safety measures such as weather and battery check

Drone communicates and is controlled in 4G network

Special take-off and landing platforms are built to make the process convenient and safe.

Try out with us:

    • Developing a remote identification system of UAVs and traffic management
    • Experimenting with remote takeover of unauthorised UAVs
    • Testing your technologies in a 5G-ready drone training polygon
    • Making use of our telecommunication infrastructure for your UAV experiments
    • Introducing your drone management solutions to our customers

State of the art LTE network
Partnership with Latvian Ministry of Defence
Large potential end-user database
Ready to dig in and work in collaboration

Contact me:

Gints Jakovels




Elina Lidere